Duplicate Content Checker Plugin for WordPress: Unmask duplicate content with one click – before and after approval

Are you a webmaster, editor or publisher who works together with other (paid or unpaid) authors or journalists or has to handle lots of comments? If so, it is very likely that you have already experienced the „dark side“ of your business: People who try to rip you off with copied content or spammy comments that appear to be written by hand but in fact get spread by copy & paste.

As Google probably knows what’s in their index (…), they can easily check new content for duplicates before ranking it in their search results. Websites that repeatedly catch Google’s attention by trying to publish already indexed stuff will rank badly or even get sacked one day.

That’s why it is very important to prevent duplicate content – e.g. content that has already been indexed by Google before – from stealing into your website.

The Duplicate Content Checker for WordPress is a simple but highly effective plugin that does just that. How does it work?

  • Simple and easy. This plugin takes a predefined number of phrases (strings of words) out of your content and sends an exact-match-query to Google. All you need to do is press a button.
  • If duplicate content should be found, a message will appear, together with a link to the Google search results page. This way you can verify and dig deeper into the findings.
  • You may change the number of phrases and words per string that are performed per query. This can be set globally or on a per-query base.

We recommend to check all posts and comments for duplicates before publishing them.

This workflow makes it easy:

  1. Assign external authors to the userrole „Contributor“. The „Contributor“ role (see wp-admin > Users > Edit User > Role) is perfect because all of their posts have to be reviewed by Administrators or Editors. Contributors can not publish content on their own. Once a post is submitted, it will be held as „Pending Review“ until you publish it. Perform the Duplicate Content Check as part of your everyday post review.
  2. Select „An administrator must always approve the comment“ for comments. Once new comments are queued, check them exactly the same way. That’s it!

We are sure that this plugin will be very useful for all our those who use WordPress for their website and get lots of comments or work together with external authors.

Check it out and download it on the Duplicate Content Checker portfolio page.

May it harm as many copycats, cheaters and spammers as possible. Cheers!


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